Visiting Lecturer. Steve Frykholm.

Steve Frykholm of Herman Miller lectured in the Epperson Auditorium yesterday(friday, 02/06/10) and it was suchhhhh a pleasure! But not only did I get to hear him lecture to the kc design community, but I also got to sit in on a critique from Steve Frykholm himself of the type project we're currently on. I took some notes over things he said during both lectures of things for me to think about and keep in the back of my mind. One thing I wrote down was to not be afraid to show off your work, yet don't be too overly cocky. Now I can't remember if he said that? Or if I wrote that down as a thought that I had and just decided to write it down. Most everything else really dealt with the current project in type.

One nice thing he said was to think about the environment that our posters will be in. We have that giant wall of graphics over by Futura and he said to print our posters at 50% and then tack it up on that wall and see if our poster sticks out to us. And that got me thinking about how much my poster pops. Steve didn't talk about everyone's posters and mine was one of the ones that he didn't mention(directly anyways), but that didn't bother me one bit. If anything it just made me think about my poster even more and how it reenforced how I need to think about how forceful, visually and informationally, my poster is.

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