VISCOM1; Response 1

The two excerpts that we were required to read only emphasized and expanded my take on Graphic Design. Graphic Design for me, even at the beginning, was always a complicated process in my mind. Type and Image definitely covered my basic thoughts about Graphic Design. I have always been a problem solver, whether or not I called myself that, I have always been on. With Graphic Design, your goal is communicate the message to the readers in the best possible manor. In Graphic Design Sources, there was a much deeper breakdown of how the Graphic Designer functions and even how their mind and attitude works. I do not exactly agree with everything he wrote, however. I do not feel that just because we are Graphic Designers that we think we can do anything we want. That, I feel, is more of a stereotype than an actuality. Though, he did touch on how intricate Graphic Design is, as well. This is not a simple profession, there are multiple layers that go into just one concept, there is never a simple outcome. It may look simple, but it is only able to look simple after hours upon hours of work, and studies, and experiments, and other such building and learning processes to make it appear simple, when in reality is a very deep process that the designer was able to mask as simple. Which, in my opinion, is the secret to a very successful Designer.
-ian arthur spaeth