VISCOM1; Scher Video

Scher lives in New York City, and the style of design that she does is very crowded, squished, very thin and vertical. Her design style is influenced by the city she lives in, by what surrounds her. It is interesting to see how the city that she has lived in for so long has affected the art she makes. I never fully thought about that aspect of design. Design affects its surrounds but the surroundings also affect the art that you put into it. 

The city I live in right now is Kansas City. The project I am working on right now is based on and influenced by Kansas City. Kansas City is a rather big city, but the nice part about it is that it may be big, but it's had the opportunity to grow outward instead of upward, like most big cities. This city isn't in as big of a metropolitan area as say New York or other big cities. My book showcases the many different aspects of Kansas City. Some pages house tall buildings, some pages house smaller objects like stuff on the street. It has to big city aspects, as well as the smaller aspects that this city has to offer that other big cities do not. My cover also reflects this. Kansas City has its fair share of sky-rise buildings, but it also has many gorgeous very old buildings. my cover is in the shape of a rather tall building, but not as thin or as tall as the usual sky-scrapers, but it shorter, and wider.