Spatial Experience. The Great Unveil.

*The sound made from the monument will be similar to the singing ringing tree that uses the wind and hallow tubes to produce a calm, meditative noise.

The dock will hold a plaque that explains the monument as visitors are allowed to walk around the meaning of Ausdauer. The following text is what we plan on telling visitors. Obviously, this will be read in both German and English as they are the primary languages of the area (95% German, 51% English).
"Fraktur blackletter figures were first designed by Nuremberg native, Hieronymus Andreae for Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I (c. 1493–1519). The term Fraktur is derived from the Latin term "to break" and calligraphy from Greek meaning "beautiful writing". This calligraphic hand is made up of repetitive strokes of the same weight with broken lines and a consistent angle. The process of calligraphy emphasizes harmony, consistency and retains a meditative quality. After its creation, Fraktur soon became the primary typeface of Germany and the surrounding countries and was set until the 20th Century. Today, Fraktur remains a reminder of rich history and significance to the German culture."