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From the Mashable link above:
Quick Pitch: TwoSides makes it easy to see every side of an issue and compare viewpoints with others
Genius Idea: See how your viewpoints match up against the presidential candidates.

When you submit a topic, its a very simple process. You write down the issue in a concise, one sentence statement, with the option to include background information on the issue, and press submit. Once you do that you associate your issue with topics. I would almost say you must have "background information" for your issue to be "valid".

One thing I like about this website is the option to put in evidence to back why you agree with an issue. It gives it more validity to your vote than just an opinion. (can we create rewards that help encourage more users to do this?)

But the even nicer thing I like is the "ping" option for when you "know someone [who you think is] better suited to add evidence. perhaps an expert." You simply "ping" them to let them know about the issue. It's a quick way to tell other people in the community of a topic being discussed, and I think is a good example of this. It's quick & straightforward, no need to be bulky and overworked.

Also, the "related issues" is a nice simple way to get other issues(advocations) heard/seen. And the simple, circular infographs aren't bad either. Visuals are always good, no?

What's unfortunate, however, is the "Genius Idea" is 3ish+ clicks deep, and in no way shown how to get to there or that it even exists(unless you love digging around in websites, or read mashable.com)

Some things to possibly help inform decisions about our community and how our community works.