TYPE1; Layouts

These are my web layouts so far. they still need much love given to them. They, in my opinion, are still rough, they could use more tender love and care to make them a bit more refined.

VISCOM1; Text & Storyboards

Here are my final three image with text layouts, with a second option for the last one. The first two lines are very quiet, soft, about relaxation and sleeping. Whereas, the last line is very much about the disturbing of the first two lines. It's about vibrating, and alerting, and shaking the butterfly out of it's restful state. So with that said, I have the text of the last line two different way, one with it Roman again like the first two lines, and then it in italic. The italic was used to help emphasize the loud ringing of the gong in the last line, to show the massive contrast b/t it and the first two lines.

I ask you Jamie, is it better roman or italic. I kind of think the italic may be a little much, the exclamation point at the end of the line helps distinguish it from the first two. But the italic, I feel, also helps with the line to look physically different from the rest.

From my meeting with Jamie, I have set up an idea in my head of a contrast between the static final forms with it's text, and the transitions between images. The final static images with accompanying text will be very static, centered, and balanced. The transitions will be very  dynamic, changing from small to large, and vice versa. It will give a nice contrast and balance between the two.

Here is my storyboard. Progression from A-B, line 1; B-C, line 2; C-A, line 3.