viscomtwo. icons. twocolor. updateone.

Here are the updated two-color studies. I have quite the selection of puddle icons just to try out different color combinations. I hadn't reached a nice combination in the first round so I tried even more this round. I still don't know if I have it yet, they're still a little iffy.

I'm not feeling the fill icons anymore once I applied it to the rest of the icons. However, I still quite enjoy the split, but they still need a bit of finessing and I'm not totally sold on the colors just yet.

viscomtwo. icons. color swatches. updatethree.

So, Jamie, you said to "use scale, space, and contrast to emphasize those lovely grids". Well I did just that. Did I take it too far? Possibly. But it never hurts to try totally redesigning something if the first round just wasn't working. I set these pages on 11x17 instead of 8.5x11. I put them into three columns, each area getting four sections. The bottom text was broken up into two sections of three. With the text I used a 14, 21, 48, 60, 72 scale to create hierarchy.

Things to think about from here out;
  • Should there be text on top of the top images
  • Are the images and text fighting for dominance
  • Is there too much space given to the top section and not enough to the bottom section