VISCOM1; Icons

Here are four different variations of my final set of icons. The top two on the left are my favorite, I included the bottom two because they were the other combinations of the three icons just to give a feel for how all the possibilities look and interact together. I am hoping to get your opinion of these sets, Jamie, so I can move into the storyboards with a set final three icons. It will make my storyboarding easier to do.

This one(pictured above) is my favorite of all four of them. The overall weight, color, and tone are all, for the most part, very consistent with each other and give it a nice coherence. But some people felt that they looked too much alike. That the second and third ones were too similar. I can see where they were coming from. However, I feel that the overall shapes are different enough to not have them be too repetitive.

The second one(pictured above) is my next favorite. However, for the second icon, I substituted it with another option that I had for that line. With that icon in place it changes the feeling of the set, I feel. It is a break in tone of the other two for the most part. The circle of the middle one is echoed in the right shape but not shown directly the same way again. Also, the heaviness of the top part of the middle icon is also echoed in both the first and third icons by the weight and darkness of the icons. However, now both the second and third icons deal with circles, making the third one more repetitive and less interesting.

Below is also one other iteration of the second line's optional image. This iteration has the circle small enough to fit snugly into the crook of the folded piece. I quite like the interaction of the two pieces at that point, but it may be too tight.

My opinion is to go with the top left set, it feels the most coherent and the best all-around feeling set. Unless I hear word from you Jamie, I will move forward with that set and create my story boards.