wedding programs. round1.

This is a work-in-progress wedding program for my sister's friend who is getting married this summer. I was going for a more modern look that is still feminine yet not too overly feminine. I wanted the decorative lines to be delicate to contrast from the type that is more modern and masculine. The picture is just filler for now. I am using Archer & Bodoni Poster Italic(for now) for the two fonts. All of the loops are a first round test, I am open to altering them, adding to them, and taking away from them. I will be working with Bethany to make some hand-rendered type for their names at the top possibly. Opinions? I'd love feedback from you guys!


dezyne. thirtyfive. nilla wafers.

i've always loved nilla wafers. and i found this box chillin in my pantry at home and it made me quite happy. the box itself says simple goodness and they actually seemed to follow that motto. This box isn't any sort of ground-breaking design, but it is better than much of what is out there. it is clean and sans any bevels, highlights, or shadows.