Test 02.

Here is another trial of my identity. Working with my name creating the letter "I". Build upon this idea? I think so. maybe.

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Daily Post. 03. Wine.

This packaging is quite wonderful. Not my favorite ever. Must say, this packaging is quite lovely. But the thought process behind this design is quite nice. Inspiration for good design can come from anywhere. In this instance, it comes from the location of the farm from where the grapes were grown to create this wine. The farm is located at an intersection of two roads in Australia. The owner of the land said it to be a 'pocket of gold'. The land he owned has very rich soil which produced very rich grapes. The design of this packaging is based off of just that. The two black intersecting lines are the roads and the gold square represents the plot of land. The different placements of the graphic represents coming upon this intersection from different directions.

Idea is very simple, and the way they carried it out is very elegant and beautifully done. Even the oddest of inspirations can have the best of outcomes.



process type foundry. klavika. new obsession. will do everything in my power to obtain this.