fedrigoni papers.

Fedrigoni UK Papers have released their new promotional calendars for 2011, it was inspired by the Matryoshka(Russian Doll) and each month the box gets smaller so they fit into one another. I want this! Why am I not in the UK??????!!!!


narrative. project7.

Mars Motion Graphics from Ian Arthur Spaeth on Vimeo.

This project started with a logo build of our company's logo through animating it in After Effects. You can see the logo build at the beginning of the piece above. We brainstormed for a few days as to how the logo should build onto the screen that brought another layer of information to the viewer about the company. We spent 2 weeks working on the logo build, and the last three weeks we worked on a second piece that was linear in nature and that some how worked in with the brand. I created an in-house, environmental motion graphic piece that would be installed in the store. It would be made up of 4 large HD flat panel screens. It worked with using the A in the Mars logo as a viewer into other information. The music in the clip is arbitrary, it was put in there to give an atmospheric feel as to how you would view the actual piece.

Story boarding this project was rather intense. I had four screens to work with and trying to figure out the best way to manipulate all of them was quite the task. With the logo build, i worked with using the sound of the sewing machine paired with the animation of the logo sewing in to create resolution in the viewers mind. Also trying to use the sound to help reinforce the tailoring side of the store. I found out that sound makes everything that much more cohesive. When there isn't sound, things just drag out much longer than what they really are. But something as simple as image and text together can create a very successful piece. You dont have to have every channel to make it great. With my project, I focused on the duration of how long things took to move on the screen and how long they stayed up on the screen. My piece was more of an ambiant piece that would run throughout the entire day. It had information up on it but I didn't want it to distract them too terribly much. I worked with trying to create unity across four screens by spanning information across multiple screens working in unison.