Daily Post. 01. Global Warming.

Graphic Design taking on the responsibility of informing people of the dangers of global warming to a new level. Design is a pretty way to start discussions and inform people of (hopefully) pertinent information.  This is article is focused on the dangers of global warming.

This giant installation piece is a 27ft x 27ft x 27ft gigantic cube. The cube is built by 12 shipping containers to create this 3 story screen. Two of the sides are covered with an architectural mesh fabric so video can be projected onto it. The size of the cube is roughly the size of 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide, the amount produced by the average human being in an industrialized country, yet only half of what the average American produces(sadly).

The videos that are shown on the cube all relate to the carbon dioxide, global warming topic. Anything to do with the science of it. This cube was installed in Copenhagen, Denmark, where 200 nations are meeting to discuss the crisis that is global warming.

The concept of this piece is very simple. However it is a nice example of cross-media design. The idea was very much a graphic design approach, but to be able to carry out the design, it took the collaboration of many different types of professions.

The graphic design solution was to display video and imagery in relation to global warming to show to the officials. To put the controversy into a visual language to help show the emergency of this matter.