infoarch. proj3. first round concepts.

subculture: x-coders

idea one: coding
an app that allows the female coders to have access to code and coding help from other coders, specifically female coders. when coders are in programs like ubuntu and other such things, their entire computer is taken over by the program so they don't have direct access to help from that computer. this app will give the direct access to this help if they want it

idea two: health
an app that helps keep the x-coders aware of the time and their surroundings. this app would bring attention to the amount of time they've spent on coding and remind of them of other things that need to get done that aren't coding related. this app's main focus is to help keep the x-coders healthy and keep them active.

idea three: safety
this last idea is still being planned out but it has to do with social networking like twitter and facebook and creating a safe-space for the x-coders.