The Process Begins.

Winter break is a time of growth for me as a designer. Today I started work on my website. I started with the beginnings of a layout and of an identity. Creating an identity for yourself is the hardest thing that you will ever do. I know everyone will agree with that statement. The area that I am working on over break is my preciseness. Hoping, that once I get back to Design come the end of January, I will be a much more precise designer. With what I want to say, what my aesthetics are as a designer, etc. With that last bit in mind, I started working on my identity.

Above is the very first idea. I include the period because of the aforementioned reason. It's not really a logo or anything, just a study of font weight and placement. I am very much in love with Helvetica and am wanting to use it on my website. I will come back to this tomorrow to see how I feel about this. If I even like it at all.

Daily Post. 02. Objectify.

Typography is my greatest obsession, don't know if that is apparent or not. I love this project by Brazilian Designer, Teo Menna, created while at the London College of Communication. The project was to create an entire alphabet out of one object. The idea is very simple, yet the process could be very difficult. Using the same object to create all 26 characters in the alphabet and have each letter still be recognizable.

This is the sort of obstacle that us as Graphic Designers must face on a regular basis. We are given assignments/jobs/commissions that have guidelines. These guidelines, or "rules", given to us are usually pretty restrictive. Whether that restriction is color, size, quantity, money, etc, it all works in the same basic way. We are given those set guidelines for each specific job and we must answer it with the best possible solution within the given guidelines. Sometimes those guidelines can be stretched, however. Though, I as a designer and artist, love guidelines and restrictions, it honestly helps me be more creative.

When I am given restrictions, it means that I have to spend less time racking my brain through the endless ways i could go about answering any certain project. It narrows down my options, that way when I am brain storming I can pick a route and start solidifying my idea(s) faster.