The Process Begins.

Winter break is a time of growth for me as a designer. Today I started work on my website. I started with the beginnings of a layout and of an identity. Creating an identity for yourself is the hardest thing that you will ever do. I know everyone will agree with that statement. The area that I am working on over break is my preciseness. Hoping, that once I get back to Design come the end of January, I will be a much more precise designer. With what I want to say, what my aesthetics are as a designer, etc. With that last bit in mind, I started working on my identity.

Above is the very first idea. I include the period because of the aforementioned reason. It's not really a logo or anything, just a study of font weight and placement. I am very much in love with Helvetica and am wanting to use it on my website. I will come back to this tomorrow to see how I feel about this. If I even like it at all.

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