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Generate and cull. The term cull, for me, goes back to when I worked at an orchard this past summer. They grew hundreds upon hundreds of peaches each summer. We then sorted them and we had ripe peaches and culls. Culls were still good, just ugly. They would have dents in them, holes. This, in my opinion, correlates pretty well into design with what the article said. Create a gigantic amount of ideas and iterations and then go back through them all to figure out which ones work the best and which ones are ugly, dented, and bruised. You always want to pick out which designs convey the message the best, yet are, or have the possibility to be, aesthetically pleasing. The article also went on to say that if you feel you have a creative block, just start sketching everything or anything that comes to mind so you can see what you're coming up with and using what little bit you can get out to inspire you further. don't worry about how stupid or ugly they are, as long as you get the ideas out to inspire you.

sources: agrayspace.