typetwo. change one thing. updatethree.

My poster... it was pretty much stagnant since last update. I tried a couple different ideas for today(even tried bringing back a typeface from before):
But something about them just still isn't there. Michael put it best by saying that he still wouldn't hang it on his wall just yet. The interaction between the type and image still is not meshing cohesively enough. Next on the list? More angles!
more angles comin' at ya tomorrow!

viscomtwo. readingtwo&three.

I made a post a long time ago about a very famous set of pictograms. Yet, when Jamie asked me which post I made had the pictograms, I couldn't have told you to save my life. When I made that post I didn't know the term pictogram(at least I hadn't made that connection, which is something I am trying to work on...). Pictograms are exactly what we are creating right now. We are working our way towards a cohesive set of information graphics that collectively(and possibly singularly) tell a story. We are creating them to try to inform the reader successfully through image alone.

The NYPL Lion article is an example of what we are going through right now, yet for a much large client. It is interesting however to see the process of how the icon was created/updated. Most times you dont get the pleasure of seeing the process, you only get to enjoy the finished, polished product with no inner meat to be seen.


WILKOMMEN. So kann mann meine PDF schen! Es rockt der Welt!