This was a really nice article to read and at exactly the perfect time. I assume you planned this Jamie? But I read right after my brain started to finally get the hang of finding juxtapositions. It was nice to read an article on it and see this same exact concept used in a different way with different subjects. It was also a treat to try and find the juxtapositions before I read what they were to see if they matched what she wrote in the article. Sometimes it did and sometimes I saw different similarities than what was pointed out to me. It just goes to show that although I may see a juxtaposition, someone else may not, or they may find a different way to look at it. It just goes to show that juxtapositions are in some senses a very open way to think, and if you can successfully convey one specific juxtaposition, you're definitely on your way to becoming a stronger designer and being able to get your information across.