tender buttons. update.

^ printed on vellum ^
^ printed on paper ^
My idea has been updated a bit since yesterday. The size has been trimmed down to 9x13, making a spread 18x13. In the gridded system that I posted yesterday, instead of just a simple one word grid, i turned it into a pile of words depending on how many times the word is in the poem. If there are 21 'it' in the poem, every time the word 'it' would come up in the grid, 'it' would be replaced by a pile of 21 its. This is trying to emphasize the repetition in Gertrude Stein's work as well as give some visual interest. I would also like to look into having the pile of words be printed on vellum and then the grid of the single words printed on paper. That way you get layering and repetition emphasis while still being able to easily read the poem below.

*both image above are the left-hand side of a spread, with a wide, 2 inch margin for your hand and the title.