visual advocacy. ivanhoe brainstorming.

Some initial ideas that have caught my attention.
  • no grocery stores
  • carpooling for grocery shopping
  • create pride within Ivanhoe within the younger community
    • use that pride and passion to fight crime, and clean up the neighborhood
  • How to get information out to people quicker
  • build an interest in Ivanhoe from the outside community to get people to move in
  • power in numbers, work together to find the crime
  • religion plays a vital role in their community, possibly work with the local churches some how
  • working with UMB bank to get more people actively using it
  • inform people how to take care of their houses, how to do small tasks to make things look nice
  • bring lights to the neighborhood
  • bring attention to The Q(The Quilombo Cultural Center), get more kids involved, have the q involved more with the community
from the list above, i pulled out the list below of things that stuck out to me even further and that has potential.
  1. creating pride in Ivanhoe within the young community
  2. inform people about the little things they can do to liven up their houses and take care of them
  3. bring street lights to the dark areas of the neighborhood
  4. bring more attention to The Q and get it more involved with the neighborhood and get the youth more involved with the center
My initial idea was to figure out a way to bring pride to the youth in Ivanhoe. If we could empower the youth, they could bring a new level of help to the community to make it better in every way. However, if I went with number 2 that could lead into a direct correlation with getting people outside of the neighborhood interested in the neighborhood and want to move in. Thinking about number three, installing one street lamp costs $30,000, however, bringing awareness to this need isn't a bad idea, it would help fight crime at night. Idea 4 could work with idea 1. If we get the youth active at The Q, The Q could start to build a sense of pride in the youth needed help get them active in Ivanhoe.

For 1, Yolanda at the Nutter Ivanhoe Neighborhood Center is the Youth Coordinator
For 2, I could approach the local Habitat for Humanity and other local house building company to partner with.
For 3, I would need to work with city engineers and possibly the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council to write a proposal.
For 4, work with The Q directly to update their program and more