viscomtwo. museum exhibition titles.

Swimming Technologies

The Science of Swimming

Going for Gold
The technological advances of swimming

Going for Gold
The science behind swimming

Improvements to Improvement Drugs
The science of sleeping

Performance Improving to Drug Enhancing
Swimming advancements

The Olympics

Olympic Swimming
The History

The History of Olympic Swimming

An Olympic History

Going for Gold
A History of Olympic Swimming

Going for Gold
An Olympic History of Swimming

Going for Gold
Swimming in the Olympics


image. book covers. final crit.

For this project we were to create a set of four books that fit in with out viscom icon set. My icon set is about a swim meet. So, for my four books I picked four biographies on famous swimmers. Those four swimmers are Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe, Mark Spitz, & Dawn Fraiser. All four of them have has outstanding runs within the world-wide swimming community and the out into the olympic community.

When i came to the title of the books I wanted to have some sort of naming system to them so they all ended up being cohesive at least through the title. I ended up creating a three-banner system at the top. The biggest banner for the title of the book, the middle banner for the amount of medals that athlete had won, and the third and smallest banner for the flag of the country. For the back writing I also used a banner to put the about information into.
The images of the people on the front cover aren't supposed to be that specific athlete but are suppose to symbolize them and also show their signature swimming style. The blue objects on top of the background are supposed to symbolize a major or underlying theme to either them as a person or to the biography itself.
Things that I feel could have been dealt with better/differently. The overall colors, all four books are the same color, should I have varied them up? Should I have varied up the placement of the banners on the covers as well? front & back? Could I have picked out better symbolic objects?