narrative semester topic

I brainstormed last night for the longest time and came up with nothing good. I got SO frustrated. I left for the night, unwound at my friend's house and then passed out for the night.
I brainstormed some more this morning & evening and have come up with what I am hoping to be a good topic. I am still focusing on fashion like my last post talked about.

I am going to focus on a higher-end, men's-only resale shop.

The shop would be an Arizona Trading Company meets Re-Runs meets Michael's. It would be a shop where men could bring in their nicer clothing that they didn't want any more and the store would choose what they wanted to buy. Men could also come in to see what they have to sell. But the outfit you have happened to pick out doesn't fit you quite right? Not to worry, they would do in-house tailoring to make it fit your body-type perfectly. Don't live close enough to go shopping in-store? Not to worry, everything they buy would be put up on their website to shop, buy, and have shipped directly to your house with tailoring done in-shop if you so desire, according to what measurements you give them.

The type of man who would shop here would be:
  • a youthful adult fresh out of college in the professional work field
  • a youthful seasoned professional
  • very likely to have an iphone or some sort of smartphone
  • able to afford to spend a little more on nicer clothing
  • interested in what they take into their body and how their body is treated
  • at least some-what interested in fashion
  • interested in what they wear and what their appearance looks like
  • needing professional attire that still fits their body-type well
  • interested in making the best impression possible
  • and no, he doesn't have to be the trendy gay / the gay fashionista (though, yes, he'd probably shop here)
Let's get this ball rolling! I want this company up and running by the time I graduate this school so I can spend all my money on an amazing wardrobe once I get into the professional world!