Blog Updates.

Dunno how I feel about these changes. I like the banner, but I'm still iffy on the color scheme...honest opinions?

TYPETWO. Change One Thing.

I don't want to be the cliche gay designer who always is speaking out for everything to do with gay rights, but in all honesty, that really is a big part of what I'm about. And it's not even necessarily that it's all about gay rights, but about equal rights, for everyone. The topics that I have chosen are either topics that have affected me personally, or ones that I just strongly believe in.
  • Take homosexuality off Red Cross's permanent red list
  • AIDS awareness for straight couples
  • Take 30 minutes a day to exercise
And so the sketching commences.

DP. 26. Sherlock Holmes.

Today it is the gorgeousness that is the Sherlock Holmes end credits.

Clicking on the image above will take you to the website that has the end credits clip. It is a very gorgeous piece of artwork, these credits. A nice addition to a period movie. If you have not seen Sherlock Holmes, well you'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD, but for those who have seen it, it really helps keep the mood of the movie going. The movie was a period-piece. Half the time I was too distracted by the costumes, sets, and backgrounds to keep my mind on the movie. But, the credits were also a very nice touch. The way the credits go from film strip to having the watercolor and ink soak into the screen and then get extracted back out is a very gorgeous effect.