viscomtwo. icons. digital twocolor studies.

These are my digital translations of my two-color icon studies. The top set are of the splatter concept. However in the first set of digital translations, the pooling of water looked more like blood, paint, or ink splatter and less like water on the floor. To fix this, I made this second set look more like my original drawings. So, if anything, I should really call the first set "puddle" and not "splatter" because I don't want a splattering of water, I want a pooling of water. The second set is the highlight. Highlighting certain parts of the icon to give them emphasis. The last set of icons is the transition set but the name probably should be changed from transition to something else because the two colors no transition smoothly, they just abruptly change colors. With the layout, again, I was going with whole grid system. clean. simple. helvetica.