dp. thirtythree. josef albers.

Speaking of AisleOne here is a post about something they featured. This is Josef Albers. We(us sophomores, at least) all know Josef Albers all too well from Terri's Color Drawing & Form class last semester. However, those weren't the only things he did in his life time. He also did album covers:
And this is just one example of a larger set of covers that he did. They are all quite magnificent(I would say wonderful but I've been forbidden to say that word, I've been told to update my vocabulary). They totally hark back to his color studies that he did, but they are still gorgeous in their own right. Follow the link above or below and there a more of them for you to gawk at. They have nice color palettes and the layouts are also very pleasing. Take a look at them, you'll be happy.

DP. 32. Aisle One.

AisleOne is very gorgeous website. I posted a link to this website a while back on my facebook account because of the gorgeous new layout and colors which actually match the color to my blog almost exactly. Grided, Helvetica'd, Sea foam-y goodness is the new website. They also have lots of wonderful stuff on there, as well. I have blogged about things I found on it before. There's a lot to love about it, lots of inspirational, retro goodness.

On another note, I want to change the name of these blog posts from "daily post" because they aren't daily any more(i am working on this, however every day will probably almost never happen until summer) I want to update the name but I don't know what to label these as. Any ideas?

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sources: aisleone.