tender buttons. final proposal.

Gertrude Stein is a crazy, crazy woman. In writing her poems, she questioned how we use the english language and what words mean. In return she made us question how we read the english language and how we understand it. In this book, I want to make the reader, again, question how you read and look at the english language. What is the correct way to look at text, the correct way to decipher the writing. There is, of course, the inherent way of reading text but is that always the correct way of reading? In this book, technically, there will be a right way of reading each poem but the reason for this method is to make you question yourself whether what you're reading is right or not, and if it even matters that you're reading it "correctly".

things to keep in mind as i move forward;
  • will this get too repetitive and boring as you continue on with the book? how can i fix this?
  • what paper should i use? what would using vellum bring to this book? is it a necessary thing or even a good idea?