This example of juxtaposition is quite nicely shown. What this poster is of exactly, I do not know, but the sense of progression is outstandingly strong. The lines on the woman's body create a very nice line study where the rest of them help echo the photo. It is also a nice random line study. This is nice to see where a lot of time and thought went into a piece to be able to create successful randomness out of controlled and set order.

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Kansas City
Main Street
Main Street; Kansas City, Missouri
Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri
Main Street, Kansas City, MO
Downtown Kansas City
Streetviews; Kansas City
Streetlife; Kansas City

Kansas City is a city full of bustling streets and busy offices. This city never slows down. The multistory buildings of this place are numerous and the variety is endless. Taking a drive along Main Street from the plaza to the downtown area will give you the sights that you see in this book. Everything from the pavement you step on to the buildings you pass by. This book represents the busy life of Kansas City.

Kansas City has a rather diverse culture among its many areas. Everything from high end shopping to the weekly marketplaces. Getting on Main Street starting at the Plaza and working your way down to the River Market will give you the sights that you see in this book. Everything from the richest of the rich to the humblest of the humble. A wide array of architecture and art make it into this book, showcasing the varieties of life in this wonderful city.

Feet transport a large number of people from place to place in Kansas City. It has many interesting sights when taking the time to walk from destination to destination. Everything from the gorgeously designed office buildings to the metal working of the sidewalks showing though, putting on display the way this city was put together. This book showcases the best of those opportunities that your own eyes may be able to discover for themselves if you take the time to find them.