mx. outline of 6 initial wireframe scenarios.

Scenario 1; hub; How do I find & sign up for a political event?
  1. log into the community
  2. click on the events tab/section
  3. search for the democratic events
  4. scroll through the list to find an event to go to, click on one
    • see that friends are going to some of the events
    • show how many people from the community are going in total
  5. browse the page, rsvp to it
    • see a list of whats going to happen there
    • see what politicians are going to be there
    • see what type of event it is
    • see the list of who already RSVP'd
    • location, date, time
  6. confirmation box on top to confirm your rsvp and get a "clout point" added to your "clout count"
  7. from this confirmation page select friends you want to share the event to and hit share

Scenario 2; iphone app; How do I find friends(current and possible) from the community at the event & have a richer event experience?
  1. whip out your hand-dandy iphone from your pocket and open the community app
  2. click on the "check in" button
    • based on your location(gps feature, it checks you into the right event automatically, no searching for the right one
    • only have a few options to choose from on this screen
      • check in (at event)
      • friend contact information list
      • update status
      • upload photo/video
      • terminology list
      • possibly others
  3. the event page pulls up on your iphone
    • who else is there
      • current friends, and possible friends
        • have a way to add new friends your friends list from this screen
    • a list of politicians & other important people who should be attending
    • list of what's happening at this event
    • ability to post a status update
    • ability to upload a picture/video to the event page & your profile
  4. add a few friends to your list
  5. scroll down the screen and make a status update
  6. take a picture and upload it to your profile & event page

Scenario 3; ipad app; How do I prepare and participate in a video debate?
  1. Snuggle down into your couch and whip out your handy-dandy ipad from your back pocket and open the community app
    • it shows you the options you have to choose from
      • video debates
      • your profile
      • vocabulary list
      • topic pages
      • possibly others
  2. you notice the video debates button is flashing and you click on it
  3. the page loads and you click on "my debates"
    • have different sections
      • debates currently going on
      • my debates
      • upcoming debates
      • past video debates
      • suggest a debate
  4. see the list of debates you're signed up for and click on the debate that's going to happen in an hour
  5. the debate page pulls up and click on "make notes"
    • other parts to this page
      • time remaining until debate starts
      • who all is participating in debate
      • how many and who RSVP'd to watch the debate
      • overview of what the debate is about and what questions will be asked
      • make notes
      • join debate
  6. make some notes
  7. a warning that the debate starts in 5 minutes, click "thanks!"
  8. finish notes, go back to the previous screen and click on "join debate"
  9. the debate participant screen loads
    • the other 4 participants screens, your screen, and the monitor's screen
    • the notes you made
    • how many people are currently watching
    • how much time the debate has left/how much time you have left to talk
    • the current question asked
  10. a screen of a person who currently has the floor

Scenario 4; hub; How can I advocate something that I'm passionate about?
  1. Click on the "Advocate" tab at the top of the website(hub)
  2. Click on Submit Topic
    • other selections
      • Advocated Topics
      • Pending Advocations(only active if you've submitted a topic to advocate)
      • About Advocations
  3. Fill out the topic
    • Who, what, where, why?
  4. submit topic
  5. (2 days later) click on advocate tab
  6. click on "pending advocations"
  7. see how many people have voted for your topic and how many have voted against your topic, and what they all have to say
  8. (possible) advocate page for your submitted topic
  9. (possible) your profile with the advocate badge

Scenario 5; iphone app; How do I find the definition of Obamacare while having a discussion in Current Events Class?
  1. you're having a discussion in your Current Events Class about the US debt crisis and someone uses the phrase "Obamacare" and you go, "Whaaaaaa?"
  2. whip out your iphone(yes, in class) and open the community app
    • list of options to chose from
      • check in (at event)
      • friend contact information list
      • update status
      • upload photo/video
      • terminology list
      • possibly others
  3. click on the terminology list
  4. search for Obamacare
  5. the page loads with the different terms(listed most voted up to most voted down)
  6. (possible) click on "related terms"
  7. (possible) up pops a web of terms related to Obama Care and other such relations and how they connect

Scenario 6; hub; I want to vote up Tyler Baldwin's opinion on the US debt crisis and look at his activity within the community.
  1. Reading the discussion on the topic page for the US debt crisis, you read a post from "Tyler Baldwin"
  2. Click on the "vote" button on his post
  3. Click on his username
    • on his profile
      • name, picture, basic info
      • current status update
      • events he's been to
      • badges he's earned
      • "clout count"
      • activity
  4. Click on "activity"
    • discussions he's a part of and what he's said
    • people and posts he's voted for
  5. You see he's active in the community sharing well thought out views, but not always opinions that are the same as yours
  6. Click on "promote this member" and another "cpoint" was added to his "clout count"