TYPE1; Bromine; Final Monogram

Click here for the original hand-drawings that inspired these three sets of digital drawings.

In the set above, I focused on three different pairings of the letters "b" and "r" picked out by my studiomates and teacher in class. These are three sets of iterations of the three different designs. The boxed monograms are the two chosen for me to elaborate on.

This stage I focused on the two ideas and created many an iteration. I leaned towards the bottom idea more than the top. I felt I had more room for creativeness in the bottom one. Yes the top one is more compact, but I preferred the bottom one. I felt the top one didn't give me as much room for creative freedom. The one highlighted one is the one I built upon even more.

Bromine is only one of two elements on the periodic table that is a liquid at room temperature. I wanted to play off of this fact as much as possible and even though the lowercase b has the stem, I wanted to play off of the bowl of the sans serif "b" (DIN Schriften Std) and the ear of the serif "r" (ITC New Baskerville Std) how both of those are very curvy, fluid forms. I also liked the juxtaposition of the sans serif "b" with the serif "r". It gave the "r" more of a importance against the "b". It gave more weight to the r that it didn't just look like an odd decorative element to the "b".

At the bottom of this post is the final monogram for my element, Bromine. This is the final of many different iterations of this form.

After finishing this monogram, it reminded me of a designer my friend showed me a longgggggg time ago. His name is Fabien Barral and he is a graphic designer in France. His work is veryyyyy organic with almost 100% all serif fonts in his work. There is a wonderful mix of clean typographic and logo-work paired with a very organic grunge/fluidity. The simplest way to put his work, is elegance at it's grungiest finest. I am in love his work, and in looking at my monogram, it reminded me of the work that he has done.