Design Systems. KCTV5 Rebrand. Phase 1.

True news reporting should be about the facts, and not underlined by political views or sensationalism. There are news companies in other countries that are striving to do just that, fact reporting. The US needs more of this.

This is why I chose to rebrand KCTV5, a local news station here in Kansas City. KCTV5 suffers from swayed news reporting like many other news stations, it’s hard not to be, everyone has their own opinions. KCTV5 also has the issue, like many news stations, of not being memorable and standing out in its field. Its overall identity is not as cohesive as it could be to help people remember it.

So, I am proposing to reposition KCTV5 as a leader in fact reporting both in Kansas City, but also the US in general. One that focuses on giving the viewers the facts and let them decide their own opinions on the events affecting them.

KCVT5 (final)

The updated objective for my rebrand of KCTV5 News:

Rebrand KCTV5 for a slightly younger audience who is active in the community. Make KCTV5 known for its trustworthy fact reporting through a structured, cohesive, and considered style. A style that is as visually current as the news it is reporting, and one that speaks of an unbiased nature, riding itself of sensationalism.