sophomore year.

What's my impression as a sophomore

Life in the design department is actually quite wonderful. The classmates you enter this department with will become some of the closest friends you will have once all is said and done. With the amount of time you (should) spend in studio with your classmates and everything that you go through together it will strengthen your friendships with each other. I guess I can't speak for when you become seniors, but for now, at least, you will still get along with most everyone in your studio. By the time you graduate here you'll (hopefully) have many connections to use.  The classes you take and the teachers you'll have are definitely some of the best you will ever have. The program is grueling, that's definitely for sure, but it is well worth it. Graphic Design is a very demanding department, because Graphic Design is a very demanding field of work. You must have in your head, when you enter Graphic Design, the notion that you are expected to put your all into this program, there is not a whole lot of room for slacking off. The teachers treat this as a professional environment, all in the hopes to prepare us for the real Graphic Design world. From all of the discipline and structure the teachers set in the department, once you graduate here three years later, you'll thank them.
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