image. seven deadly sins. consistency.

This is first and foremost a post for me to figure out the technical aspects of the seven deadly sins project. It may be a little rambly and not the most well put together post of my life.

My direction for this project is personal, I'm studying myself. Yeah I can see how doing this project like I am could be seen as very egotistical but in all honesty it's not. I am putting myself out there and searching deep within my psyche to figure out what I do personally that best exemplifies the seven deadly sins. I really like the idea, it's definitely different from what everyone else is doing, but at the same time it's going to be rather hard conveying some of these. The thing that I have currently run into is how am I going to photograph each of these seven ideas and have them be consistent throughout the entire piece.

To answer this dilemma I think the best way to make them coherent is to shoot all of the photos in my apartment during the brightest part of the day. My apartment is very open, we have a lot of windows to the outside to give me the most light to work with. The walls are all a nice white and it is small enough that if I photograph them just right I will be able to get the same background elements throughout every photograph. Some of the sins involve solely myself, where as some of the sins involve at least one other person, but as long as the background elements and I stay the same, that should be fine, if anything it will just give the piece a wider variety of scenes.

So the elements that I need to focus on to keep consistency:
  • Background: keep elements the same and stay within the same area of my apartment
  • Lighting: keep, for the most part, the lighting, and from there the color, consistent, or consistently varying
  • Wardrobe: keep mine stylistically the same. suspenders & jeans mainly.