VISCOM1; F+S; update

Sooooooooooooo, I went to my apartment after class today to grab a shower(i woke up at 9 o'clock for my 8 o'clock class...) and make some lunch(at 3.30...) and in the process I pulled up fox.com to watch Glee. When I pulled up the website, I saw this amazingly gorgeous juxtaposition:

At first I thought it was done on purpose, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that it was probably completely by accident, pure serendipity. The images they put up there are the one image from each episode that best describes the episode or what best describes the caption, and these two work amaaaaaaaazingly well! This made me oh so very excited to see it. Obviously, the guy in the right picture is holding up a gun almost perfectly inline with the guy on the left in the bed. It also helps that the guy on the left in the bed is in a hospital bed and obviously hurt, this plays up the fact of getting hurt(by the gun, even though there is no gun wound to the head, obviously). Also, House's eyes are inline with the guy on the right giving him a look while the guy on the right yells back. I thought of Jamie the moment I saw this, oddly enough, i had to post this to my blog asap for her to see.

Design is taking over my life! LOVEIT.

VISCOM1; Cover Title Options

These are my first stabs at covers for my line book, named "Streetviews". We had to come up with six different ideas and these three are my favorite of the six+ that I had for class. I wanted something simple, small, and understated for my book, no overly huge text or put in any weird sort of way. I ended up going with the first of my ideas. The final cover is at the end of this blog. Below is the title and the text that lie on my cover.


Kansas City is full of bustling streets and busy offices, it never slows down. I have come to enjoy taking walks around the city taking time to slow down, take a breath, and escape from my everyday tasks. In doing this, I have come to find there are innumerable parts of this city that are stunningly gorgeous. Everything from the office buildings in the business district, the apartment buildings on the plaza, art pieces strewn throughout the city, sewer covers on the streets, and metal workings showing through the concrete on the sidewalks. All of these pieces share one thing in common, the lines within them. They are all made up them, all in different ways, and all have different tasks. Everything is comprised of lines, it just takes a keen eye, relaxed mood, and time to be able to find all of these treasures.