Daily Post. 10. Helvetica Man.

I never knew that the Department of Transportation(DOT) called upon AIGA to create the set of directional icons we see everywhere. DOT called upon AIGA to create a universal set of directional/informational icons once they realized that there was a need for them. They compiled a list of images that had been used all across the globe from everywhere from airports to local cities. AIGA selected a team of 5 lead designers to head this project. Once finished they had created a set of 34 icons with 16 more added later. This was one of the first projects that got the Presidential Design Award.


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  1. Yes, interesting stuff. Please search the
    www.segd.org site as well for other icon sets that one might have taken as 'open source'. Many different sets of icons have been developed throughout the years. One set for the 1968 Olympics by Lance Wyaman is of particularly note worthy. Also, just published this week the 2009 MUTCD standards for highway 'graphics" as well as other design criteria.