wedding programs. round1.

This is a work-in-progress wedding program for my sister's friend who is getting married this summer. I was going for a more modern look that is still feminine yet not too overly feminine. I wanted the decorative lines to be delicate to contrast from the type that is more modern and masculine. The picture is just filler for now. I am using Archer & Bodoni Poster Italic(for now) for the two fonts. All of the loops are a first round test, I am open to altering them, adding to them, and taking away from them. I will be working with Bethany to make some hand-rendered type for their names at the top possibly. Opinions? I'd love feedback from you guys!


  1. I like it but I almost think there are too many loops... maybe see what it looks like with a straight border and loops only around the picture or vise-versa. but thats just me.. i really like it so far bub!

  2. Jessica Banda6/1/10, 12:37 AM

    I think "Renee & Matthew" should be a tad smaller, maybe the photo too. I just don't like how close the photo is to the border. Maybe the loops should be smaller, rather than the photo. Hard to say. Otherwise, I think it has a great look. It's original and fun, yet appropriate. Good job!

  3. I think if you took out the border curlycues to the left and right of the pic it would look less busy. I like the size of the photo, but for some reason, the font bothers me. Not sure if it's too bold or if it's the style. I didn't find it to be masculine. Really like how you did date, time, place. Great start!