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So, Jamie, you said to "use scale, space, and contrast to emphasize those lovely grids". Well I did just that. Did I take it too far? Possibly. But it never hurts to try totally redesigning something if the first round just wasn't working. I set these pages on 11x17 instead of 8.5x11. I put them into three columns, each area getting four sections. The bottom text was broken up into two sections of three. With the text I used a 14, 21, 48, 60, 72 scale to create hierarchy.

Things to think about from here out;
  • Should there be text on top of the top images
  • Are the images and text fighting for dominance
  • Is there too much space given to the top section and not enough to the bottom section

1 comment:

  1. It was a good step. It is more considered than your first round but still needs finessing. Address: typography is bit noisy and elements are not really anchored on the page.