TYPETWO. Change One Thing. UpdateTwo.

Yesterday, we had the lovely pleasure to listen to Steve Frykholm lecture in Epperson yesterday afternoon about his work at Herman Miller. Then, we had the even bigger pleasure of him also critiquing our posters for the "Change One Thing" competition we are working on in TypeTwo. This is the poster I based my direction on for this competition:
The main feedback I got on this one was that there were too many layers of information going on. The Red Cross, the rainbow droplet, the Red Cross as an "x", change one thing, and then the gay symbol. From the good feed back I got in crit I created the posters below. Taking the idea of using the American Red Cross as an "x" to symbolize the denial of gay men from giving blood. I have over twenty different iterations of this idea, the ones below cover the main span of the iterations. The first one below is the poster I liked the most so I printed in color for crit, the rest are the other iterations, I printed them in b&w.
The idea I presented in class was taken to very well. I got a fair amount of feedback, but the overall consensus was that it is a good direction for me to go in. The main feedback was just the overall placement of everything on the poster which may sound really big but all that takes is many different iterations of placements to find the best one, nothing I can't handle. The main thing was to move the blood drop more to the center of the Red Cross. For Steve Frykholm I worked on moving the droplet down but I didn't have time to get it done so I ended up putting the same poster back up, no big deal, it was a minor change that really didn't affect the entirety of the poster.

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