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style as message.

Meggs is saying that style is just as important in the creative process as everything else. Style cannot be ignored. It brings social, cultural, and emotional connotation to the image. The Bauhaus tried to get rid of all ornamentation and style from their work, thereby getting rid of all connotations to an image and making it as fundamentalist as possible. However, through doing this they created their own connotations to their bare-minimum style. This is showing that even when you try and get rid of ornamentation and style you will inevitably have it no matter what you do. And, what artists and designers do today embrace the past and use it to influence their work. By knowing what typefaces have what connections(blackletter to old germany), or image connections(dolphin and anchor meaning "Make Haste Slowly"), etc, you can use these to help expand your work and make it even more rich and expansive.

SOURCE: meggs, style as message, page 130.

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