vislang. jazz poster options.

Here are the two other iterations that I created as options to go with instead of the original final poster(below). The top is a snowflake concept that, while it fits the season, does not fit Earl Klugh's music. The second idea is just a simple swirl concept that helps convey the idea of wind while being season neutral. I really like the swirl concept, it's much simple, and lets the guitar stand out much better. The first concept(the snow) just is too far from the subject matter, where as the swirls still get at possibly winter wind but also at a summer, or spring, or fall wind.

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  1. The weight of the new motifs (snowflake or swirl) in proportion to the strings is much better. Whereas the leaves dominated hierarchy, now the strings are primary.

    Ian, I looked at your posters while listening to the music and I feel the snowflakes represent his music style fine. The fluid blowing strings ARE the metaphor for his music. The snowflakes are a secondary, seasonally appropriate detail.

    Regardless of which you choose, the snowflakes are currently a bit more integrated and purposeful than the swirls (which appear tacked on).

    It's important to note that since the leaves are no longer there, the blue watercolor has become a bit loud.