typetwo. change one thing. final.

Here is the screen shot of how my poster looked on the front page! It was exciting to see it up and everyone who accessed the website at that time saw it as well. Will I win? Absolutely no clue, but this was definitely an enjoyable project to do nonetheless. Below is bigger version of my final poster.
So this is the final product. I'm rather pleased with this poster seeing as I started this entire process with this:
The initial idea was definitely there, but everything about it just wasn't anything absolutely stunning. With revisions, revisions, and more revisions I finally came up with the final design. Yes the aesthetics of the poster are just that, aesthetics, and doesn't help push content or meaning further, the poster just didn't feel right, or complete with a solid color or even a gradient background that echoed the colors of the paper. I realized once i finished this poster how much I despise 100% digital work without any sort of hand-made quality to it. This was a nice process to be able to spend such a long time on one poster. There is so much that goes into posters that I never fully realized. It's pretty dang difficult to make a shnazy poster and I have so much more respect for the greats who have come before me who have made such amazing posters.

sources: aiga blueridge poster clash website.

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