DP. 29. Kix Cereal.

Kix cereal was introduced in 1937, that's 73 years ago. The box has gone through many different stages in those past 73 years. Here are two of my favorite, more boxes are linked to in the sources below.
Vintage always seems to end up being much, much prettier than whatever the hell is out now-a-days. Kix has just recently released new packaging for it's cereal box and I'm just not feeling the change.

Here's what the box before looked like:
Yeah, okay, it was running rampant with too many strokes, gradients, and oddly ballooned text. But, at least it was playful, young, and full of spunk, everything that Kix cereal should be seeing as it is targeted as a child's cereal(though I'm now 20 and I'm still in love with it). The new packaging seems more targeted towards the parents(mothers) of the children. When I was a kid, I didn't want anything to do with anything vegetable related. But that's part of the main focus of this new packaging. Healthy.
Okay. The packaging isn't horrific, it's actually quite nice, but it would function a whole heck of a lot better if it wasn't on a Kix cereal box. It's too tame and too much reliant on the healthy symbol of eating popped corn(isn't that what Pops Cereal is, anyways?). I liked how Kix and Pops stayed distant from each other even though they're essentially the same sort of cereal. It makes sense that the new packaging is trying to emphasize the healthiness of it seeing as everything is on a health craze now. Kix is just working on making their product relevant after almost 75 years in the business. It's a task that I'm sure is not easy, and was well thought out before implementing. I just wish they would have kept the playfulness of the old box still in this new design. Even just something as simple as the bouncing in of the dot into frame and onto the 'i'. Over all the rebrand is a nice refresh, just not appropriate for this cereal.

Oh and every once in a while big-named corporations come out with old-style vintage versions of their current products for a limited time, and this is just a pure treat in my eyes. It gives me hope that people still know what good design is.

sources: theimaginaryworld.com, gentle pure space.

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