VISCOM1; Haiku

The animation was too large for it to work properly enough for me to be able to load it onto Vimeo so I dropped it into the drop box for you to look at. I changed the music to be of a more calming sound. Originally the music matched with the animation a little too perfectly so i switched it to be a more calming music that seems to fit the overall feel of the poem and the animation itself.

These are the three progressions starting from mark-making tool, to marks it made, to hand-drawn sketches, to analogue shapes, to digital translations, and then to the final mark paired with its text. Sometimes, as in with the middle one, the final shape veers more drastically than had hoped. Getting a shape to be made to look like very specific drawings was not the easiest thing to do, but getting a shape that echoed the drawing worked well, too.

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