VISCOM1; Proj1 Reading Response

A Primer of Visual Literacy
This reading built upon what we covered in class last week. It gave me more ideas and ways to get my ideas across. Instead of just the twelve different principles, it gave us 38 different words to work with and it also worked with comparing and contrasting how they are alike and how they are different. This will give me more ways to figure out how to communicate my words better. The following is a list of everything they talked about to help me remember what they were.
; Balance & Instability
; Symmetry & Asymmetry
; Regularity & Irregularity
; Simplicity & Complexity
; Unity & Fragmentation
; Economy & Intricacy
; Understatement & Exaggeration
; Predictability & Spontaneity
; Activeness & Stasis
; Subtlety & Boldness
; Neutrality & Accent
; Transparency & Opacity
; Consistency & Variation
; Accuracy & Distortion
; Flatness & Depth
; Singularity & Juxtaposition
; Sequentiality & Randomness
; Sharpness & Diffusion
; Repetition & Episodicity

Principles of 2D Design
This reading was another reiteration of what we went over in class and what was talked about in the other readings. It was nice to see these same sort of principles used with photography, to show that they do not relate to just one area of work, it relates across the entire world of art essentially. It's also easy to tell how they relate to graphic design even though they were illustrated with photographs.

Type & Image
This reading, like the two before, just helped me understand visual language better, gave me a broader grasp of it. It's opened up more possibilities and paths to take while trying to create a stunning image while at the same time communicating my point across to the viewer.

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