VISCOM1; Theme & Words

Incan, Mayan, Aztec Civilizations
01; Seclusion
02; Overgrown(jungle)
03; Misty
04; Steep
05; Dangerous/Danger
06; Violence
07; Quiet
08; Unsettled
09; Mysterious
10; Peaceful
11; Forest(wilderness)
12; Intrude
13; Ancient
14; Adventure
15; Sick/Sickness
16; High Altitude(mountains)
17; Climbing/Hiking/Treking
18; Sacrificing
19; Dark
20; Hunt
21; Massive(mountains)
22; Thrilling
23; Unexpected
24; Cold
25; Humid
26; Deep
27; Crumble

Working with the overall feeling of being up in the mountains. High altitude, the dangers, the gorgeous ruins,  the rich greens and blues. Darker imagery, maps, old feeling. Ancient, crumbling, overgrown, the overwhelming feeling of a deep, dark society. Very animalistic.

other ideas: music&theatre; working with visualizing sound

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  1. Hey Ian,

    I like your idea that your pursuing. I was already beginning to image your project just by the way you were describing it. I think it will be really interesting. Good Luck I know it will to out well.