typefour. experimental type. questions.

  1. How could it be interactive?
  2. How could it be in motion constantly without being excessively distracting?
  3. How could motion add a new, and crucial layer of information to the typeface?
  4. What if combined letters worked dependently of each other when forming a word?
  5. How could motion directly relate to the form? or vice-versa?
  6. What if the motion letter was based off of a static font already in existence? How could motion add to the letterform without being arbitrary?
  7. How could sound work with motion?
  8. How could animated type function on a website?
  9. How could motion add a new or different layer of understanding to the letterform?
  10. ?

1 comment:

  1. i will begin by assuming that all of your questions are about a digital typeface, since it doesn't mention that anywhere...

    all of your questions are headed in the right direction, ian. nice work. i like the questions dealing with the specificity of the motion and its meaning.

    based on your knowledge of narrative, you can deal with the type in any of the three temporal elements -- motion, duration, and transition. you are, for now, choosing motion. those other two projects you showed dealt with transition (getting the type onto the screen).

    each of these could go in an interesting direction. for example, #5: what if "the form" was a typewriter font? how would that form affect the quality of motion, duration, or transition? what if it was a script typeface?

    some of them may be dependent on the design problem; #8 or #2 for example. it may be very helpful to have a context in which to put these things so you can have boundaries, or a way to assess what is good or correct. on #8, an animated typeface could function on a website in any way it damn well pleased, but it will be helpful to choose an existing site as your control so you can begin testing ideas.

    good luck! should be a ton of fun!!