vislang. projecttwo. modes of appeal.

PATHOS. EMOTIONAL. I chose Cesar Canine Cuisine as my pathos packaging. It's pretty straight forward with its emotional connection. A cute puppy on the front looking alert and excited. The colors and type treatment have been done up in a way that makes it come across as a higher-end product(when, really, this only cost 55¢). It's trying to appeal to the customer that this is a fancier food than the other products on the shelf next to it.

LOGOS. LOGICAL. Medication is usually something that everyone has in their home. It's usually a staple in most peoples lives. When they run out of a bottle, they put it on the list to pick it up the next time they're at the grocery store. That being said, Tylenol doesn't really have to work too overly hard to sell its product to their customer. The only real competitors it has are the generic versions of tylenol, and possibly Advil and those other brand-name products. This product is straight up facts. It's the Tylenol red telling you whats in the pill and nothing more.

ETHOS. ETHICAL. This one was a bit harder, and I tried to find something that wasn't cleaning supplies or some sort of thing you apply to the body in some fashion. I found this product called Good Earth. It's a new brand under General Mills that is geared towards a healthy meal, one that isn't full of unnatural ingredients.  This is geared towards the people who are trying to eat healthier and more natural products. The packaging says no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and 100% whole grain pasta. Good, hearty, healthy food. The packaging also is of the usual 'green' packaging. It has a moss green and light beige color scheme to it and in the top green there is a nice, simplistic, natural pattern/texture to it.

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