na project 3. detailed narrative.

It's interesting to figure out how to apply the communication channels to a project but still be able to have it relate to the overall fullness of the over-arching project. I decided to go in the route of clothing tags. This gave me a space to write about the company that has a direct influence on the customer while still being a part of the over-arching semester long theme that adds a new layer of collateral. It's hard, however, to be able to fit text onto such a small area.

Narrative can be in multiple ways. In this way I decided hierarchy and a knowledge of how people interact with the product. Cutting the triangle out in the center brings the viewer in to touch the tag, which people already touch. This is trying to get a piece that is already played with to be more deliberately interacted with so they will see the information on the back where information about the product usually lies.


  1. First reaction to your narrative is very cleaver. I think using clothing tags is a great way to portray a narrative about a men's tailoring service. The unusual tag shape and size draws me in, and then the ▲(A) cut out, does of course make me want to touch it, examining it closer. It is important (and I believe you managed this) to make it interesting quickly when it comes to only using the visual communication.
    Lastly, (We talked about this before) The back text needs to be adjusted. I tend to read it differently then it was intended to be.

  2. I really like your idea and how you went for another "shape" than the usual movie or poster thing. The triangle did make me want to the touch the tag so yay. At first I was like "ok, a tag." and then I flipped it over and got the text about what MARS was. Loren does have a point with the text reading differently because at first, I wanted to read it across the tag instead of one side of the triangle and then the other side. Maybe it's just in the arrangement of the text and how it is shaped. Perhaps making it distinctly different could help. I also like the narrative part of it because I read the name, then what it was about, and then the name again, so it had a beginning and an end for me so it flowed nice. I also have been thinking is the triangle too much like an image and that the tag relies on that to be interesting? or can the triangle be an actual A and still have that appeal. But overall, I love it so yay. :D