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So I have my first round of images. I have selected what I feel to be the most successful of each of the sets. The order of the photos are from top to bottom: sloth, wrath, pride, envy, & lust.

Consistency. Focusing on the different criteria I blogged about in the previous post to achieve consistency I'd say it was achieved rather successfully. Envy was taken more for test shots for composition and how I can most successfully convey envy. The final shot will be taken during the day to get the same amount of lighting and feel to it as the other photos.

Composition. For composition, some photos are vertical and some are horizontal so I'll need to figure out which orientation works better overall. I feel that sloth reads pretty successfully, however I don't want me sleeping to be mistaken for dead, some of my poses of me sleeping looked a little dead body esque. Wrath is getting there, I tried a few different compositions and placements of the camera in relation to the apartment and wanting to get my bedroom in the background. I feel that the action shot of me lunging at him is more successful than the more posed feeling photos. I don't fully know how much pride actually feels like pride, however. I think the concept is getting there but maybe the camera angle should be lower or I should look more arrogant. Envy feels not too bad actually. I like the crossed arms and the sort of closed off feeling I'm trying to convey. The couple I used just happened to be wearing almost the exact same outfits though I want to try a couple shots of where they're also kissing so see if that would help at all or if it would just end up looking to overdone. Ohhh lust. It's getting there I suppose. I tried some shots of me fully nude with nothing actually showing, just alluding the action with hand placement and body gestures but it felt too exposed and no consistent enough with the other four. Even with sloth I'm look naked from the way I was placed but I'm still covered up, so I felt the need to cover myself up.

Questions. Things to think about going out from here. Do I need to have my bedroom in every shot whether the photo take place in the bedroom or able to see it in the background? If not, should there be some sort of flow to the images that shows spatial relation from one photo to the next? Should the photos be taken during the same part of the day to achieve consistency with lighting or could a wider range of lighting make it more interesting? Do the pictures during the day work better or the photo at night?Oh, and use the same camera for every photo!

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  1. On Shooting:
    I'd say you should use a better camera and get your lighting more consistent. General technical and aesthetic look and feel of a series of images can either bring them together, or rip them apart. I would say shoot at night and digitally remove the color cast from the lights.
    On Location: I'd say it isn't important where you are in your home, or whose ever home your in, because the general populous will read it as that this person (you) lives in all of those locations. Just make sure to do continuity checks: Don't use more than one space for separate locations, so for example don't have one bedroom, and then another. Repeated locations are highly understandable and more believable. That is if you want believability...