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So Chiquita has come out with a new campaign and it fits perfectly with whats going on in viscom and the reading we just did about generating and culling your ideas.
This brand refresh was done by DJ Neff(creative director) and his staff at Neff Ink. Their main focus were the iconic blue and yellow stickers found on every Chiquita banana and how they could update them. They created a new set of icons from the basis of the original set. They immersed themselves in the culture and brand and took in as much knowledge that they could and then they "let it all spill out in different ideas, drawings, sayings, photographs, then start to figure out truths." He went on to say,"These truths all stem from the product and work outward, pulling from research and ideas to build upon the foundation, laddering up to a big idea."  What he was saying directly correlates to the icon assignment we, as sophomores, are currently tackling. We have been pushed to produce(or at least we should have been) as many different ideas, drawings, styles, colors as we can to help ourselves in this process of creating our icons. We can only produce the best icons possible if we produce the maximum amount of them to make sure we exhaust all of our possibilities.
So they took the iconic blue and yellow sticker with the woman wearing the fruit hat and turned it into a line of characters and above is the set of all of them. I love love love this concept so much. And they did it so very smoothly as well. All of the icons fit so well together yet they span such a wide array of faces. The same thing that some of us are struggling with when it comes to our icons, cohesion. It takes a  certain level of skill to fully pull off cohesion successfully.

sources: design:related, neff ink.

ABOUT THIS POST. This post has been a work-in-progress for the past week... and tonight i finally got the chance to finish it... so that being said, this had the potential to be a much stronger post but that week break from it kind of killed it...

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  1. the post is good ian. you tied something you found outside of class directly to what you are making and reading in class!