DP. 27. Cielo.

Today's find is Cielo, one of the largest payment networks in the world. It's largest market being Brazil. Cielo was originally called VisaNet. However, come June of this year, they will be handling more than just Visa. So, to help keep confusion down they decided an altered name was in order.

I definitely enjoy this branding much more than VisaNet. VisaNet was boring and the colors very unoriginal. Cielo's branding is definitely more modern, open, and more room to breathe. Which is good seeing as Cielo means sky in Spanish. BrandNew does point out that it has some odd angles and varied widths that make it a little shaky. However, getting past those facts, it's still quite refreshing. The light blue with dark gray isn't anything overly new, but it has always been a color combo that I enjoy. I'm curious as to why they decided to chop up certain letters the way they did. Other than that I am pretty pleased with this latest find.


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